Always Have A Dream

Always have a dream
Forget about the days when its been cloudy,
but don't forget your hours in the sun.
Forget about the times you've been defeated,
but don't forget the victories you've won.
Forget about mistakes that you can't change now,
but don't forget the lessons that you've learnt.
Forget about misfortunes you encounter,
but don't forget the times you luck has turned.
Forget about the days when you've been lonely,
but don't forget the friendly smiles you've seen.
Forget about the plans that didn't seem to work out right,
but don't forget to always have a dream.

- Amanda Bradley

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Well, Turkey Day has come and gone for another year. It was a very nice day spent with family. Mike had to work, but that just comes with the line of work we do. Cody & I went over to to Mike's Mom & Dad's today. Both Nicci & Barb were there with their families. It was nice. The food of course was all good!! Mom & Dad cooked the turkey, stuffing, gravy, and potatoes. The rest of us brought the rest. My stomach still hurts!! We will be having Thanksgiving w/ my Dad & sister on Sunday.
 I can't believe no body took pictures today, I think we all had our cameras with us, it's just that no one thought about it. O'well, it happens.
 Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, my computer decided to take a break from the Internet. It wasn't letting me connect, why I don't know. It seems to be up & running fine now!?
 Well I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I'm going to watch some Christmas movies with Cody & relax the rest of the evening. Everyone take care & smile!  ;0)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My two for twos-day

Thought I would join in all the picture fun with the "Two for Twos-days, Baby picture Sundays, etc." So here is my Two for Two-days pic, even though I'm not a parent of multilples, I only have one. But this is one of my favorite pics of Cody with his best friend Tijia. Everyone take care & smile!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

In The Line Of Duty

I just want to write about a Detroit Firefighter who died yesterday in the line of duty. A couple of guy's who work at Lansing Township knew him. The bad thing about it is that it was after a house fire was already put out, he and the other 3 were doing what we called salvage and overhaul, basically checking for hot spots, and the roof collapsed. Whats worse is that he was only 37, and the father of 6. His one son is also a firefighter. From what people say about him, he was someone you could always trust, and go to if you had a problem, or just needed someone to talk to, a big teddy bear type. My heart goes out to his family, and the other 3 who are still in the hospital. I will keep them in my prayers, and all the other firefighters who die 'In the line of duty'.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

 Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. I've been working a lot the last month or so. I'm just finishing up a 36hr shift. I can't wait to get home!!! I also can't wait to finish up x-mas shopping, and make some Christmas candy/cookies. Hopefully I'll be able to get to that in the next week or so. I can't believe it's right around the corner. Time seems to drag when your working, then you happen to look at a calendar and, 'Oh my god', where did the last month go?
 Cody's Christmas party is on the 18th, and has a field trip that same week to the Warton Center for a Christmas play. I'm scheduled to work, thankfully the gal I'm working with today (Allison), has a shift that we can switch if need be. So hopefully I wont have to miss any of Cody's school happenings.
 I really don't have anything else to blog about right now. Oh, Cody has testing on the 27th for his next belt in Karate. He's excited about it!
 I posted a couple old pic's of Cody in his favorite Santa hat!!
Take care & smile!!  ;0)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The paperwork is in, now it's hurry up and wait

 Well, I turned in all my paper work for the full-time positions at Windsor today, resume, application, certificates, etc.. I also had the letter of recommendation that Chief Curry wrote up for me. Mike stopped up to the station after dropping Cody off to school this morning, and he gave it to him to bring home to me. Very nice letter! Short but sweet. I'm very happy that I was able to have that to turn in with my other paper work. I know it must be confusing hearing me talk about two different Fire departments, and two different Chief's, especially still working for the both of them. It's confusing to me also! Chief Curry is my Chief at Lansing Twp. Fire, and Chief Miller is my Chief at Windsor Fire. I love my work so much, I can't even begin to tell you! I really hope I get one of those full-time jobs.
 Mike & I are still trying to figure out how we will work things out as far as Cody. We have a couple good ideas, but I don't have the job yet, so I'm not going to really rack my brain until I know for sure. Living one day at a time, ya know?

Saturday, November 8, 2008


 I talked to my Chief at Windsor Fire yesterday, and he told me that one of the full-time guys had quit. So now there are 2 full-time openings. He let me know because he wanted me to be able to put in my application. I'm getting my resume, and all of my certificates together and copied, etc. Mike told our Chief at LTFD yesterday too, and he said to let me know that he would type up a letter of recommendation for me. So I called him and told him that I would like him to go ahead and get one ready for me, so I can turn it in with all my other paper work on Monday. I also let him know how much I really appreciated it. I'm so excited about it that I can't sleep, if you happened to see what time I posted this?! Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me, and maybe even say a little prayer too, it wont hurt.
 I'm so psyched about it you can't even begin to imagine! The one position would be every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7am-7pm, and one 24hr shift per month. The other full-time spot would be just like the shifts that Mike has, three 24hr shifts w/ a day of in-between, and then four days off in a row. Mike and I talked about it yesterday, what we would do about Cody, if we both had to work the same day and what-not, but we will work it out somehow.
  Well, I'm going to try and get some sleep, since I have to work tomorrow  today. Hopefully I'll be able to get some!
  Everyone take care & smile, and I'll keep you updated.  ;0)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Day is finally over!

 Now maybe we can get a break when we watch T.V, and not have to see anymore negative adds! When Cody got home from school yesterday, Mike & I took him with us to vote. We actually didn't have a wait time, got right in and right out. The reason we waited until he got out of school was that his teacher had been talking to the kids about voting and teaching them about some other political things. Well, anyway she told the parents that it would be a good experience for them, and like I said we didn't have to wait in line, so it was a great time to go. He did think it was pretty cool. He even got an 'I Voted' sticker! When we got home he put it on the door to his room. At least we don't have to worry about him not wanting to vote when he gets older, he say's he can't wait!
 Take care & smile!  ;0)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Too bad the Halloween candy can't be for breakfast, lunch & dinner!!

 Now that the candy collecting is all finished. Too bad you can't explain to kids that candy isn't considered breakfast, lunch and dinner! It's great to see how excited they get over getting all dressed up and walking their little legs off to go trick or treating! The other thing that's hard is trying to keep from sneaking a piece of their candy when their not looking!! Not that we don't have enough calories to count now that the holidays are coming! They are so fun to look forward to though, getting ready for Thanksgiving & Christmas. 
 I love seeing the changes that come along with them all. To bad that with the way kids grow that you also have to think about buying new winter clothes because they grow out of them so fast. Too bad you can't put a brick on their head and slow them down a little, and keep them small for a little while longer. We just got Cody's school pictures last week. It's amazing when looking through his other school pics' how much he's changed, and grown! I guess our Mom's were right when they say we grow up too fast! How right they are! But it's great to see all the changes year after year, even month after month.
 Mike, Cody and I spent another Sunday with Barb, Paul & the Twinkies this last Sunday. It's was so fun spending time with them. Cody loves it so much being able to play with his little cousins! It makes him feel so grown up! He loves it now that they can actually say his name. I just wish we could spend more time with Nicci, Mike and Luke! Too bad we all don't live closer together! I guess it just makes the time we do spend together more special! I can't wait to spend time together during the up coming Holidays! Everyone take care & hopefully talk to you and see you all soon!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Life is Good!

 Even though there are some things in life that make me wonder, "Why Me?".  I just need to stop and take a deep breath and look around at what I have, have had, and that my life really isn't as bad as it seems sometimes! And even though I don't really like change sometimes, if I don't allow that change, I'll never find out how much better life can be.
 Yesterday was a good day! Cody went back to school, in time for his Halloween Party. The Doctor said at his appointment on Thursday that he only had one more scab getting ready to fall off, and that other than keeping him still on some soft foods, he should be ready to go. Mike worked last night, so I took Cody out Trick or Treating. He had a great time. We started out at Grandpa & Grandma K's, and then went over to my Dad's to finish up. By the time we were done though he was getting kind of tired and he said his throat was kind of dry. So before we went home we stopped up to the Fire Station to see his Dad, then we came home. He took a shower & was definitely ready for bed!!
 We had a great Halloween! Hope everyone else did too! Take care! ;0)

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Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today - James Dean

Best friends forever!!

Best friends forever!!

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Cody & his guitar