Always Have A Dream

Always have a dream
Forget about the days when its been cloudy,
but don't forget your hours in the sun.
Forget about the times you've been defeated,
but don't forget the victories you've won.
Forget about mistakes that you can't change now,
but don't forget the lessons that you've learnt.
Forget about misfortunes you encounter,
but don't forget the times you luck has turned.
Forget about the days when you've been lonely,
but don't forget the friendly smiles you've seen.
Forget about the plans that didn't seem to work out right,
but don't forget to always have a dream.

- Amanda Bradley

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cody's Birthday

I know it was Saturday, but life has been a little busy. Cody did have a nice birthday, it was also his cousin Luke's 6mos birthday. He's such a good baby, it's unbelievable! We just had a small get together with family. The weather was great, and he did get some really neat gifts. The slip'n'slid he got from Grandma & Grandpa went over really well. Cody's little cousins had a blast on it! I didn't take many pic's, but that happens. I'm really happy it turned out well, even though Cody had a few tantrums! Thanks to everyone who showed up, it was a really nice day!!  Take care & smile   ;0)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Proud of my Family

It's hard to believe that 8 short years ago Mike & I were just starting out on our journey with Cody. First grandchild, and now look!! We're all Mom's and Dad's now. I just want you all to know how happy I am to be part of this family! It's a good thing. Take care & smile.   ;0)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our Little Boy is growing into a 'Big Boy' TOO FAST! But we are very, very, very proud of him ;0)

Last night I got a call from work to come in for a couple hours to cover for Hazmat training, but the officer who was supposed do the training, called this morning saying he was not going to be there, cuz' there wouldn't be enough people to show up to train. Surprised a lot of people, and myself because I had the idea that I would only be there for a couple hours, well come to find out they called someone else to work the rest of the sift and she said she couldn't get there til 10am. Confused?? Yeah, well I was to! I could have made different arrangements and been able to work the whole shift if they wanted(who knows). I knew we might get a call, but nothing seems to hit the fan when I work, at least the last 3 shifts!!  The only problem is that I had Cody with me. My Dad is up-north, Mikes Mom & Dad both working. He likes being in the living quarters, which has a big 52'' flat screen-TV, so he watched that, read some of his books, and played w/his cars. It figured since the last 3 shifts we worked I didn't pull a wheel only once, and having Cody long enough for me to do rigg checks, and the other station duties that he would be fine upstairs watching TV in the living quarters for a little while. Well we end up getting a call for a standby for suicidal pt until PD got there, then another one right after we got to the hospital, then another just after that, we had to call Mutual-aid for that one.
I just wanted to let everyone know how big my little boy is getting!!  /:0(  He stayed right where I told him to!!  The only reason I agreed to do this is that I thought there would be people at the station for training.   But I explained to Cody that if he does hear the tones and I have to leave, he knows to stay in the building because he wouldn't be able to get back in. And besides I knew he would be safe in there, cuz we lock everything up before we go. When we did get back he was fine, upstairs watching TV!!
All I can say is that it was an exciting morning, for Cody and myself (especially the call we had!) Let me ask you how many Cops does it take to taze a paraplegic in a wheel-chair? (My thought exactly)
Anyhow I just wanted to let you know how proud of Cody I am!!!!! Very responsible! Next time I will get more info on what my roll at work be if I get called in on such short notice(for training!!??).
Anyway, Take care & smile  ;0)    Life is Good!!
These pics are a few years old but I like them, figured this would be an appropriate posting to put them with!

Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm Hungry

I imagine all of us at one point or another had been hungy for something, and went on a search in the refrigerator for something to eat? Am I right? Did you find something in there that you forgot was there and said "hmm, this sounds good". Well Cody went on a search today and pulled out a bag of baby carrots and sat down on the couch. He put his hand in the bag, "MOM, their furry!" I bet at least 1 or 2 of you have done that before! I told him to go throw them out and look for something else. Well come to find out there was another (fresher) bag of carrots in there, and he asked me if they were any good. Well, I told him to open up the bag and look at them, "Do they look "ok?", "yep", "Do they smell ok?", "yep", "Then try one, does it taste ok?". He hesitated for a minute while he looked it over, then took a bite, "yep".
It was so funny! I guess we need to clean out the vegetable drawer! O'well that's family life. Sometimes you get busy with everyday life and forget about the refrigerator. If that's the worst thing that happens, I guess life can't be that bad!
Not much else of interest has gone on today. Cody did lose the last of his stitches yeasterday. He's happy about that. Now we just have to keep something on it to help keep the scarring to a minimum. Anybody have any suggestions?
Hope everyone has a great day. Take care & smile!  ;0)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Day at the Zoo was 'Twice' the Fun

We had an fun day at Potter Park Zoo! We had blue skies, and it was a little hot & humid, but still a lot of fun. L&L Food Centers had their 'Zoo Days', so we had 'Grandma' pick up free tickets at the store for us. My sister Barb & the Twinkies went, along with two of her girl-friends who also have twins. Everyone had lunches packed. It was a nice change of pace, and even though it was really busy, we still had a nice time. There aren't a lot of changes really, from the last time we took Cody there about 5 years ago. Hopefully we can all get together again and go to another fun spot somewhere! Thanks to all for a fun day!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cherish Today

Yesterday was a nice day. The weather was perfect. Cody & I both had Doctor's appts' in the morning. The rest of the day we spent outside putzing around, and of course Cody spent the day playing w/ Lyndsey. Our neighbor Carol had her grandson over the weekend, so all 3 kids played together. And we thought he(Cody) would be bored this summer! It's great to sit back and watch them play. It brings back memories of being little. I don't think there's an adult who don't wish at some point they could be little again. No job, mortgage, car payments, or laundry. Now we have to much to do & worry about. We don't go by age in half years anymore, we don't just sit down with a coloring book and color, we worry to much about eating fattening foods, pretend that we are super hero's, and wonder if Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny are going to make a visit. It was awesome being a kid! The only thing we worried about was getting older so that we would be able to ride the big rides at the carnival, graduating so that we didn't (think) we had anymore school or homework, and what we wanted for Christmas and our birthday. Boy, wouldn't it be wonderful to be little again? If only we would have listened to our Moms and Dads when they told us not to want to grow up too fast, and that when we had kids of our own that they would grow up too fast also. I try to savor every moment with Cody I can. Sometimes I wish I could just make time stand still. When he was less than a month old, we wished he was old enough to sit up, then when he was sitting up, we wished he was old enough to walk so that we didn't have to carry him everywhere, then we wished he was old enough to talk so we didn't have to play the 'guessing game'. But now I miss all of that! I don't wish for yesterday anymore, I hope for today, because when tomorrow gets here today will be gone. Now I know what it really means to 'Live life like there's no tomorrow', and that's just what I try to do. So savor every moment. Live, Laugh, and Love! Take care & smile! ;0)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Time flies when you're having fun!

Wow this weekend flew by to quick! I guess maybe because the weekend started out with Mike & I working on Friday, and then Mike had to work again today. Cody went to Grandma & Grandpa's Thursday night, and went with them up to Barb & Paul's to spend Friday night. Thanks again Mom & Dad for watching Cody on such short notice, we both appreciate it very much. He had a really good time up there, especially at that park with all the inflatable playground toys.... I guess that's what you call them, o'well, visit Barb's blog she has pics of them on there. Thanks to Barb & Paul too for all they did with Cody. He really enjoyed himself, especially the 'Cody' pancakes Paul made for him Saturday morning. He made them in the shape of the letter's in Cody's name. How cool was that! Saturday when Cody got home we just kind of hung out & watched movies together, had a nice dinner and that was about it for Saturday. Today Cody & I spent the day outside, I worked in the backyard with all my flowers, and he played with his friends all day. I tried to keep them outside because it was so nice out, but no could do, they were in and out all day. But they had fun. They surprised me by getting my back side with a squirt gun while I was bent over one of the flower beds! I had to laugh, though they thought it was funny when I took off after them with the hose!! At one point we went to Lowes, I needed to get some bug spray for my Roses, the Japanese Beetles are out & about trying to eat the new buds. Bye, Bye Beetles!!! Anyhow, we had some excitement when we were coming home. We seen the Fire truck, ambulance, and cop cars out in front of his little friend Lyndsey's house. Cody wanted to walk over there to see what was going on, so we did. Lyndsey's Dad was backing out of the driveway (looked before pulling out,nothing) then all of a sudden a guy on a 'crotch rocket' (job security!!)t-boned him, by the looks of it & with no skid marks and the damage to Todd's car, I would say he was going around 50+ (in a 35mph zone). Thankfully Todd wasn't hurt, he was the only one in the car, Lyndsey and her Mom were both in the house. The guy on the bike, well that's another story. I'll just say he'll be in the hospital for quite a while. Let me tell you, it was hard for me not to want to jump in & start doing my job, Mike said if he would have known that I was right there he would have called for me to help. They needed an extra hand rolling the guy on the back-board,they ended up calling the second ambulance. O'well, anyhow that was some of our afternoon excitement. Then after our baths, Cody & I just watched some TV, and then he went to bed & me? I'm still on the computer!! LOL ;0) Take care & smile!

Friday, July 11, 2008

100% Boy!!

Life with a 7yr old, or as Cody would say "7 & 3/4". Anyway this is what its like trying to get him to sit still for the camera, to see how his 'boo boo' is coming along. ;0)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

An afternoon at the Historical Museum

Well, after sleeping in a little today we ventured out with Cody this afternoon and went downtown to the Historical Museum. They have some pretty cool exhibits. Although Cody wouldn't stay in one spot long enough to read any of the descriptions, I think he had a good time. Mike & I did anyway, especially since it was free! I'm surprised Cody did as well as he did, I think he even learned some things he didn't know,and best of all he didn't bug us about buying anything from the gift shop! ;0) They did have some cool things in there. All in all it was a nice afternoon. Next week we are going to pack a lunch and head out to Potters Park with Barb, Paul & the Twinkies. I can't wait for that!. We are also going to take Cody to visit the Capital for the first time. I think the last time I went there I was about 7 or 8. I'm sure some things have changed since then! Take care & smile

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Flowers

Some more of my flowers opened up over the last couple days. Sure is nice to see after all the hard work that goes into taking care of them! Not much else really important is going on right now, just the normal everyday 'stuff'! I kind of wish Cody was still little enough where we could keep him occupied with a stuffed animal that rattled, and still not old enough to talk back! This "I'm bored", burping at the dinner table because its funny, and talking back because he 'thinks' he can, is all getting on my last nerve!! He can be a great kid (when he's sleeping), just kidding. It's just hard during the summer when he's home 24/7! All I have to say is "Summer Camp '09" Hopefully this summer yet we'll be able take him to Greenfield Village, and the Space Museum (which I think is in Kalamazoo now,not sure). Anyhow, we'll just have to keep him busy somehow!! Take care & smile! :0)

Backyard Friends

I took this a few days ago. These are the 'regulars' who come out and play everyday, there are usually about 4 of them. Anyway, I think it's funny to watch them chase each other and roll around. Take care & smile.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

An awesome cookout!

Mike & I just want to thank everyone who came to our BBQ yesterday. We had a lot of family, good friends and some really great food! It went awesome, and the weather was great too; not a cloud in the sky! Happy birthday again to my Dad!! I hope everyone had a nice of a time as Mike,Cody & I had. I know Cody had fun playing with his cousins, and some other friends who were there. The little ones played in the sandbox & on the swing set. One of the full-time guys from the station 'Andrew' brought his family, his son (and his friend)I think they were about 13 or 14,anyway they brought a Frisbee, baseball & mitts and had fun playing in the backyard. I also want to thank them for playing so well with Cody, he had a blast playing with the 'older boys'! Again thanks to everyone who showed up and brought food! It was an awesome time! Maybe we can do it again next year. Take care & smile.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

We watched the fireworks in Delta Twp last night. We went over to my Dads' house and sat in the driveway, you can see them perfect from there! Cody had a good time with the kids across the street, they had a bunch of fireworks & sparklers they set off a little bit before the real ones started. They were pretty good this year too! Not to much else going on right now. I'm at work and Mike is getting things ready for the cookout tomorrow. We did quite a bit yesterday too. Hopefully it will go good, were both excited about it. I'm sure we'll take pictures too. I hope all who are coming will have a good time also. Hope to see you tomorrow! Take care & smile.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Can't believe it's July already!

Is the summer flying by or what? Cody got back Sunday afternoon from his first trip away from home w/o family. He was really wiped out so was his little friend Max. His Mom said they had a really good time! They went tubing on Higgins Lake, that I guess Cody had a blast doing, a lot of hanging out on the beach, swimming, and building sand castles! They said that the boys fell asleep on the drive home. So it sounds like they got their little butt's ran off, it's good for em'. I'm glad they had so much fun. No pictures though. I did take a picture of one my roses that just bloomed the other day. Take care & smile

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Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today - James Dean

Best friends forever!!

Best friends forever!!

Cody & his guitar

Cody & his guitar